The fabric from which fashion is made

Finest materials for the highest demands

Paris, Milan, New York - for the large catwalks of this world, the best is only just good enough. For many years, our fabrics have been the perfect basis for the big brands of the fashion world.

Textiles are the basis for catwalk ideas and successful collections. In the best quality and with the knowledge of what really matters in this industry. For this reason our name and our fabrics are valued all over the world when fine fashion styles are sought after.

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From passion to fashion - and with the essential knowledge

The love for fashion has a tradition at EZ Fashion. With the experience of both the premium weaving mills, Erhardt and Zuleeg, and the unparalleled service offered to us by the Quality Group, to which we belong.

In this way it is not only possible for us to produce first class fabrics for perfect styles, but also to finish these according to your wishes, in every detail.

Stafan Zuleeg

Stefan Zuleeg
Management Board
Tel. +49 9252 702-119

Michael Kaminski

Michael Kaminski
Key Account Manager
Tel. +49 9252 702-110

Johann Georg Wöhler

Johann Georg Wöhler
Key Account Manager
Tel. +49 9255 9797-29

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